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How They REALLY Score The CPA Exam

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Sometimes the only thing more stressful than taking a test is waiting to see how you did on it. Did I answer every question? Did I show my work correctly? Oh god, what if I forgot to put my name on it somehow? We all get these anxieties whether we we’re taking a spelling test in middle school or waiting…

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Better CPAs

Will the New CPA Exam Create Better CPAs?

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April 1, 2017 has come and gone, which means candidates are now officially taking the updated version of the CPA exam. These changes marked the first significant update to the CPA exam since 2011, so naturally, there was a wide range of reactions from people in the accounting industry and CPA candidates. Will the new exam be harder? Will fewer…

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The CPA Exam Has Updated Q2 Score Release Dates for 2017

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The AICPA has changed the release dates for results for those who take the exam in April and May this year.  The reason has to do with the revised exam that debuted on April 1st of this year.  According to the site: “Due to the substantive changes introduced to the Examination in April 2017, time is required to conduct the…

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Q1 2017 CPA Exam Passing Rates

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The first quarter of 2017 is in the books.  This is the last set of numbers for the current exam.  Q2 will be the first with the revised exam.  Data from AICPA.   Salient Points For the most part the percentage differences aren’t that great but the negative trend continues. FAR continues its downward spiral.  It’s percentage is the smallest…

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5 Mistakes Everyone Makes On The CPA Exam

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Not to sound like a pessimist, but that title is sadly true. There’s a lot of common, frequently repeated mistakes that CPA students make while taking the big exam, and there’s few feelings worse than seeing someone fail their exam by making the same mistakes again and again – especially if it only causes them to fail by a few…

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Latest CPA Exam Passing Rate Data

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Given how arduous a task it is to pass the CPA exam it’s no wonder that everyone is interested in the passage rates for it and its component sections. We’ve looked at the most recent data along with historical numbers and the results are interesting. CPA Exam Passing Rate is Steady Average scores for each section increased slightly from 2013…

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