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How They REALLY Score The CPA Exam

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Sometimes the only thing more stressful than taking a test is waiting to see how you did on it. Did I answer every question? Did I show my work correctly? Oh god, what if I forgot to put my name on it somehow? We all get these anxieties whether we we’re taking a spelling test in middle school or waiting…

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Why Use a CPA Course Review?

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Beyond comparing CPA course reviews to find which is best is the question of why you need one in the first place.  You’re a diligent person with good study habits, right?  The fact that you’re at the point where you can sit for the exam is testament to this.  So, what’s the point?  Here are some reasons why.   Framework…

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Understanding How the CPA Exam is Scored

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As you know very well, the CPA exam is not an ordinary test. It’s definitely not like the tests you took in high school or college where you could just spend a few hours studying. Not only is it much more challenging, it’s also graded very differently. Several different factors play into determining your score.  Weighted Scores All sections of the CPA exam are…

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