Course Overview

Surgent CPA Review is one of the newest CPA Review courses on the market, though it comes from a long-time leader in accounting education (and its instructors are among the most experienced and highest praised). The course features a proprietary “adaptive learning technology” that assesses students’ knowledge and then focuses them on specific content areas, thereby drastically decreasing the study time, while still boasting a pass rate that’s 2x the national average.

Though Surgent’s adaptive approach helps students avoid having to watch all of their videos and work all of their questions and simulations, the course content is extremely comprehensive, they stay on top of CPA Exam changes (they were the first to incorporate DRS questions into their content, for example), and their very strong instructors make even complex topics easy to understand.

In addition, Surgent allows unlimited course access (including updates) until you pass the exam, a pass-or-refund guarantee, and the most student-friendly payment plan available.

Top Features

Comprehensive Exam Coverage

Though you won’t have to go through nearly all of it, given Surgent’s adaptive technology, the course includes over 6,840 multiple-choice questions and 295 task-based simulations, including previously released AICPA CPA Exam questions (along with thorough explanations). In addition, the platform features over 350 video lectures, most in 10-20 minute sessions to increase material retention. The Surgent CPA Review course includes up-to-date information on all four parts of the CPA Exam—including the new DRS question types.

Personalized Course

Surgent’s interactive user dashboard is built with an adaptive learning software which assesses your strengths, and identifies any weaker areas. The course creates customized study plans that focus you on the specific content you need to learn (while enabling you to skip 100 or more hours of study time per section). A helpful feature of the dashboard: It tells you when you’re ready to sit for an Exam Section based on your performance to-date.

Exam Specialist Support

Featuring instructors who have 30+ years of experience, Surgent students will have access to CPA Exam specialists who have “been there and done it” before. The team boasts a response time on questions of less than five hours, giving students quick access to exam experts to discuss study tips, tricks, and personalized recommendations.

Affordable, Unlimited Access

Surgent CPA Review provides support until you pass the CPA Exam. When there are changes to the exam, the course is continually updated with the latest content. The Surgent course dashboard will is updated at no additional charge to you. In addition, Surgent offers no-interest payment plans and a total cost that is among the most affordable of the top players in the market.

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