We’re Acing the CPA Exam

Our experience staff at CPA Exam Hub builds off more than 7 years of experience in planning and passing the CPA Exam.  We built this resource to share our findings and industry insights with you, our users.  We’ve analyzed just about every course on the market and provide unbiased reviews about each course and its weighted ranking.  We’re here to provide you with up to date test evaluations that enable to take that next step in your career.

Our Story

Have you noticed that other CPA Exam Review comparison sites focus on how many hours of video lectures, pages of textbooks, and quantities of multiple choice questions all of the CPA Review courses have—while not helping you really understand how those huge piles of content translate into a better study experience or a higher likelihood that you’ll pass?

I sure did. And that’s why I created CPA Exam Hub.

Rather than just relying on my own experience, though, I pulled together a whole team of experts, including CPAs, CPA Exam professors and experts who have experience working with multiple CPA Exam providers, to survey the CPA landscape and take a different approach to ranking.

Our site focuses less on who has the most lectures, questions and simulations, and instead on how well the course supports the goal – helping students pass the CPA Exam faster.

For me, having lots more stuff to study does not necessarily mean I’ll do better on the exam. I’d much rather have the correct amount of the right content that I know will actually prepare me to pass.

So, take a look at our ranking factors, which heavily weights things like short bite-sized lectures and focused content that is fully aligned to the latest CPA Exam content changes, a platform that actually helps identify which content I really need to study—and which I can skip, as well as student-friendly options like reasonable financing plans and truly unlimited course access.

I hope you find this approach helpful! If you have questions, drop me a line – [email protected]