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Five Ways To Get A Business Loan For Your CPA Firm

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Picture it – you just aced the CPA exam, you’ve got a team of like-minded professionals who have your back, and you’re ready to embark on that can-do American entrepreneurial spirit and open your very own accounting firm. Sounds great, right? Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but there’s one big question you need to ask yourself before you get…

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3 Accountant Technology Trends to Look Out For in 2017

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We’re all familiar with the old cliches about needing to keep up with changing technology, right? We’ve heard it from basically everyone, starting with your parents telling you to get a job involving computers before you ever went off to college, but there’s a good reason why it comes up so often: it’s true. There are precious few job fields…

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Q2 2017 CPA Exam Passing Rates

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The Q2 cpa exam passing rates, the first for the revised exam, are in!   Q2 2017 Observations Comparing the numbers to the previous two quarters it looks as if the new exam, if not easier, is more suited to today’s CPA candidate.  I would tend to think it better reflects what candidates are learning or know from school and…

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5 Accounting Certifications that Companies are Looking For

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Even after years of steady growth, accounting remains one of the fastest growing industries in the American economy. From individuals who need help with their taxes to businesses that face complex financial regulations, accountants are in very high demand and have a wide range of career paths to choose from. A bachelor’s degree can help you start a career in…

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How They REALLY Score The CPA Exam

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Sometimes the only thing more stressful than taking a test is waiting to see how you did on it. Did I answer every question? Did I show my work correctly? Oh god, what if I forgot to put my name on it somehow? We all get these anxieties whether we we’re taking a spelling test in middle school or waiting…

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