Course Overview

Depending on how you learn, Roger could be the perfect CPA course for you. The fast-paced, engaging lessons that attend to the essentials of what one needs to know for the exam, caters to a certain type of student is who is ready, willing, and able to keep up and excel. Roger CPA Course’s three different programs accommodate different types of students and budgets.

Top Features

Fast Paced Lessons

Roger offers engaging lessons using useful memorization techniques, but the lessons might be too fast paced for some. Multiple choice questions may also stray from the actual exam questions. Textbooks do not have index or glossary, which can make reviewing difficult. Some common complaints include that fact that lecture access is unavailable when site maintenance is being performed, and IT support can be difficult to reach. Not an unlimited access course, allowing only 24 months to pass the exam.

Responsive Platform

Rogers offers a mobile responsive platform with the ability to take digital notes, work offline (with USB) and video playback options. The Homework Help Center responds to requests within 24 hours, and technical support is only available during normal business hours. Despite the responsive technology, there are no Android apps for multiple choice or flashcards. The study scheduler is not automated or adjustable.

Limited Access

Unfortunately, the Rogers CPA review doesn’t offer unlimited course access even at the top tier pricing level. The minimum time offered for access is 18 months at the first tier, and the best upgrade only allows for 24 total months of access time. 24 months may seem like an abundance of time, but assuming you have any difficulty with the exam, or some other unforeseen life event occurs, you would probably prefer to have more time given the price of the course.

Pricing Options

Roger does offer financing plans, but that might be necessary as the program can be on the expensive side with the highest level options. Three program levels are available, ranging from $1,695 – $2,895, but only the highest level option includes the premium features and lesson plans. Various component courses can be purchased separately, but the only reasonable pricing option is to purchase them as part of a bundle.