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How They REALLY Score The CPA Exam

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Sometimes the only thing more stressful than taking a test is waiting to see how you did on it. Did I answer every question? Did I show my work correctly? Oh god, what if I forgot to put my name on it somehow? We all get these anxieties whether we we’re taking a spelling test in middle school or waiting…

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CPA Exam Forums

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If you’ve been reading this blog at all you know that preparing for the CPA exam can be a long tough haul.  It’s also a solitary one.  Not only do you need to separate yourself from the rest of the world for long periods of time to study but your friends and family can’t really appreciate what you’re going through…

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Studying Burnout

Avoiding Burnout While Studying for the CPA Exam

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Studying for the CPA exam is practically a full-time job unto itself. Candidates usually spend a few hundred hours total studying for all sections of the exam. It’s extremely common to hear candidates say they use every spare moment they can find studying, whether it’s by waking up earlier, staying up later, studying through lunch, or devoting weekends to studying. Not…

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Why Use a CPA Course Review?

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Beyond comparing CPA course reviews to find which is best is the question of why you need one in the first place.  You’re a diligent person with good study habits, right?  The fact that you’re at the point where you can sit for the exam is testament to this.  So, what’s the point?  Here are some reasons why.   Framework…

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CPA Exam Primer

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It’s the most basic of questions for a site like ours but it shouldn’t be taken for granted that everyone who visits us knows everything there is to know about it.  Part of our mission is to educate.  So, let’s break it down. What It’s full name is the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination.  It was developed and is scored…

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CPA Fastest Pathway

Find Your Fastest Pathway to Passing the CPA Exam

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Here at the CPA Exam Hub, we’re always researching the best CPA exam programs and information for your benefit. We believe that informed choices make for satisfied students. Are you wondering which CPA exam review is best for you? Here’s a quick visual comparison of each program’s tailored teaching method, also known as Adaptive Learning, for you to evaluate before committing to…

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