Accounting, CPAs, and Blockchain

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The future of CPAs, and accountants in general, may be disrupted by the latest fintech to be talked about, promoted, derided or what have you:  Blockchain.  Blockchain is essentially a decentralized digital ledger system.  It’s database software which resides on individual computers as opposed to one server so users can deal directly with each other in real time.  Think in…

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The CPA Exam Has Updated Q2 Score Release Dates for 2017

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The AICPA has changed the release dates for results for those who take the exam in April and May this year.  The reason has to do with the revised exam that debuted on April 1st of this year.  According to the site: “Due to the substantive changes introduced to the Examination in April 2017, time is required to conduct the…

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Q1 2017 CPA Exam Passing Rates

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The first quarter of 2017 is in the books.  This is the last set of numbers for the current exam.  Q2 will be the first with the revised exam.  Data from AICPA.   Salient Points For the most part the percentage differences aren’t that great but the negative trend continues. FAR continues its downward spiral.  It’s percentage is the smallest…

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Millennials and Accounting: A Good Match?

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Much has been written about millennials and the workplace.  Given their worldview and what they value some have questioned their suitability for some professions.  So, are millennials and accounting good for each other? Believe it or not the answer is yes. You would be forgiven for thinking that accounting would be the last profession in which  millennials could prosper.  But…

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Self Employment

Is Starting a CPA Firm Right for You?

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For many people, their ultimate career goal is to be self-employed. The way they see it, if you have to work to earn a living, why work for someone else when you can build something of your very own? For CPAs, becoming self-employed means starting their own practice. As with any other type of business venture, starting a CPA firm…

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Are Financial Certifications Worth It?

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Finance.  There may be no other professional field with more certifications.  You look at some letterhead and it has a list of names with a veritable alphabet behind them.  It’s like an arms race of acronyms!  Are they really needed to help with your career? The answer is yes. You can debate which financial certifications will benefit you most but…

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