Self Employment

Is Starting a CPA Firm Right for You?

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For many people, their ultimate career goal is to be self-employed. The way they see it, if you have to work to earn a living, why work for someone else when you can build something of your very own? For CPAs, becoming self-employed means starting their own practice. As with any other type of business venture, starting a CPA firm…

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Are Financial Certifications Worth It?

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Finance.  There may be no other professional field with more certifications.  You look at some letterhead and it has a list of names with a veritable alphabet behind them.  It’s like an arms race of acronyms!  Are they really needed to help with your career? The answer is yes. You can debate which financial certifications will benefit you most but…

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Public vs. Private Accounting

Public vs. Private Accounting: Which is Best for You?

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As someone pursuing a career in accounting, one big decision you’ll face is whether you should get into public accounting or private accounting. But what exactly are the differences between the two? Private accountants are directly employed by a company or business. Because of this, private accountants are also sometimes referred to as corporate accountants. Public accountants basically serve as…

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What is Lifestyle Accounting?

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The accounting profession is known for long hours.  Even when it isn’t tax season you can still routinely work 80 hours per week.  There are some who thrive on this.  But for so many others it’s the greatest source of job dissatisfaction. I know, this ain’t exactly news.  But here’s what is.  More and more accountants are doing something to…

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