What You Need to Know About CPA Exam Score Appeals and Reviews

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Imagine you just spent months studying hard, doing everything possible to prepare for the next section of the CPA exam. Testing day arrives and as you start taking the test, you’re feeling very confident about how well you’re doing. You go home feeling really optimistic about the experience and can’t wait to see your score. Time passes, your test score gets released…and…

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Five FAR CPA Exam Tips for CPA Students

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The FAR CPA Exam has a pretty nasty reputation among most CPA students for being the hardest test given to budding CPAs. Between its length (as the longest section of the CPA exam) and the subject matter, largely revolving around “…the financial reporting framework used by business enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and governmental entities”, many test takers consider the FAR to…

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CPA Fastest Pathway

Find Your Fastest Pathway to Passing the CPA Exam

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Here at the CPA Exam Hub, we’re always researching the best CPA exam programs and information for your benefit. We believe that informed choices make for satisfied students. Are you wondering which CPA exam review is best for you? Here’s a quick visual comparison of each program’s tailored teaching method, also known as Adaptive Learning, for you to evaluate before committing to…

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The 4 Best Reasons to Become a CPA

The 4 Best Reasons to Become a CPA

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Deciding to take the CPA exam is a major commitment. Before you even take the first section of the exam, you’ll spend countless hours studying and preparing. Are you thinking of taking the CPA exam, but aren’t sure it’s worth all the time and effort? Here are four excellent benefits that earning a CPA certification can offer your career: CPAs…

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What is Lifestyle Accounting?

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The accounting profession is known for long hours.  Even when it isn’t tax season you can still routinely work 80 hours per week.  There are some who thrive on this.  But for so many others it’s the greatest source of job dissatisfaction. I know, this ain’t exactly news.  But here’s what is.  More and more accountants are doing something to…

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Finding the Right Mentor

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We’ve all heard advice and stories about the benefits of finding a mentor.  According to Success magazine, about 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies have initiated some sort of formal program for mentoring.  But while 86 percent of the more than 2,200 CFOs surveyed by Accountemps said having a mentor is somewhat or very important for career development, only 26…

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The Way Forward for Accounting

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Accounting is at a bit of a crossroads.  With relevant technology always improving and now even extending into artificial intelligence, a shift in the character of the industry has begun.  This isn’t entirely surprising given the nature of the work.  Accounting was one of the first areas to be deeply affected by the personal computer and software.  The first spreadsheet…

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Should You Really Be Afraid of an Audit?

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Tax season is just around the corner and the spectre of being audited hangs in the air again.  But what are the real chances that your personal tax return will be hit?  The odds will probably surprise most of the individual taxpayers out there. For starters, according to the head of the IRS, John Koskinen, the agency has been impacted…

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