CPA exam tutors.  You may wonder why they’re needed.  After all, don’t CPA review courses have everything you need?  Maybe.  But there are some instances where working with a human being makes sense, because they can provide you with things that MCQs or video lectures can’t.   A tutor can provide feedback, answer specific questions, and help guide you based upon your particular situation.  Below are some examples of how this can happen.

You’re a People Person

As we covered in our blog post regarding how you choose a CPA Exam review course, people learn best in different ways.  One of the big divisions is processing information by book or screen versus interacting with a person.  If it’s the latter then, of course, a tutor can really help you.  

You’re a Little Rusty

A CPA exam tutor might be a good idea if you’ve been out of school for a while and haven’t had to use the muscles devoted to certain subjects.  It can take more effort to recapture this knowledge than a course review alone can provide.  Working with a tutor helps enhance and expedite this because they can perceive where you need help and how to go about it.

One Section From Success

Are you having trouble with just one section?  If you can’t seem to clear this hurdle then a CPA exam tutor would be helpful.  They can provide an objective outside view of the situation and craft a specific solution to help you over the hump.

They Can Help You With Your Writing

The BEC section has three essay questions where you’re judged on your grammar, punctuation, and your ability to express yourself clearly.  Accountants aren’t generally known for their way with prose so tutors can be a great help here.  A book or a video lecture can’t give you feedback on your writing and ways to improve it.

Keep You on Track

Anyone who has taken the CPA exam knows that motivation and distraction can be problems.  A tutor can help here because books and videos can’t nag you to log off Facebook and do some MCQs.  TBSs can’t praise and motivate you when needed.  When you have a live human there in front of you wanting to help it keeps you going in ways a CPA course review can’t.    

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