Security at CPA exam testing centers needs to be tight to ensure that only people who really are authorized to take the exam do so. When you arrive at the exam, you will need to show two forms of identification. Your primary form of ID needs to include a photograph of yourself and only specific types of identification are accepted for this:

  • A valid U.S. driver’s license
  • A valid U.S. passport
  • A valid state ID card
  • Valid U.S. military identification
  • A valid driver’s license issued by another country, if it is signed and printed in English enough for testing staff to be able to verify that it is valid and the name matches the name on your NTS
  • A valid passport issued by another country’s government, if it includes a photo and the name matches the one on your NTS

If you have a valid passport issued by another country’s government and you were not required to provide a signature for it, you can request a NASBA Candidate Identification Card.

Your secondary form of identification needs to have your signature on it. This can include valid credit cards, ATM cards, debit cards, or any other form of valid government-issued identification that isn’t acceptable as your primary form of identification. Be aware that things like social security cards, student ID cards, green cards, and draft cards are not accepted forms of identification. NASBA Candidate Identification Cards can also be used if you do not have an accepted form of secondary identification.

You will also need to bring your Notice to Schedule (NTS). The name on your NTS must exactly match the one on your identification. If you receive your NTS and your name is spelled incorrectly, contact your Board of Accountancy as soon as possible to have it corrected, otherwise you will not be admitted to take the test. If your primary ID has a shortened version of your name, this is acceptable as long as the name on your signature ID matches the name on your NTS.

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